How to choose your BellyBra® size for fast & effective pregnancy relief!

The BellyBra® is the ultimate feminine all in one maternity support garment. We know you will enjoy wearing this maternity support garment designed by a Mom who knows the discomforts of pregnancy first hand, especially that last trimester. This patented support garment has a one-way stretch back panel that gently pulls the shoulders back, lifting weight off the pelvis and distributing it equally between the shoulders.

The BellyBra® is a combination of maternity bra, maternity tee and maternity belly belt all in one! Attractive enough to be worn exposed as Camisole or under usual dresses. Made out of superior moisture wicking fabric suitable to Indian Climate, which keeps your skin dry n cool!

Please remember when sizing that the BellyBra® is primarily a third trimester product. We recommend you to choose by your current bra size at your third trimester stage. Also keep in mind the size of maternity bras and maternity tops you are wearing. Be aware that BellyBra® is to fit snug and comfortable, not tight or binding.

If you're small busted but are wearing large tops, go with the Large BellyBra®. The BellyBraŽ is a 'bra' for the belly so the bra part is actually secondary. You may wear your own bra underneath. The BellyBra®, like maternity bras, is to do what it is intended lift weight for maximum relief.

If your size is in the middle of the size chart, or are unsure which way to go... Always go with the larger size. Remember, we offer an

Easy Exchange. (Please See Return Policy)