Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

BellyBra Introduction

The BellyBra is a patented, high quality maternity support garment that aids in lifting weight off the pelvis, providing a much needed support for the lower back, abdomen and breasts of pregnant women during the later stages of pregnancy. It has been recommended by medical professionals everywhere.

How does the BellyBra work?

Belt, snap and buckle free, the BellyBra slips over the head and rolls down to encompass the breasts and expanding tummy. It is held in place below the bump with a two-inch band of non-compression elastic. The BellyBra’s patented one-way stretch back panel design on the back pulls the shoulders back, lifting the tummy up, and lessening the stress on the spine. (An added convenience for pregnant women is the no-panty design.)

What materials are used to make the BellyBra?

The concept of the BellyBra is not only to feel good but to look good too. It is a high quality maternity support garment and available in India in a moisture wicking material, suitable to Indian climate. Moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the body keeping the skin cool!

What are the benefits of wearing the BellyBra?

The BellyBra is designed for use during the third trimester of pregnancy, when weight gain is at its highest and increased support and comfort are essential. The average recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds, and many women actually gain more. A full 12 to 14 of those pounds are gained during the final three months or last trimester. So, as the pregnancy progresses, weight shifts and causes a forward pull, which often results in lower backaches and pelvis pressure. The BellyBra aids in the reduction of back pain.

Is the BellyBra safe?

The BellyBra has been sold around the world for over twenty years. A study at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia and published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, proved the BellyBra to be safe and effective for treating back pain in the later stages of pregnancy. When worn correctly in the later stages of pregnancy, the BellyBra has no effects on the growth and development of the baby.

Who wears the BellyBra?

The BellyBra has quickly become a must have comfort item to be worn every day in the life of a pregnant woman in her third trimester. Today, it helps mothers-to-be feel attractive while staying healthy, providing comfort and support during the performance of their everyday tasks. It is a welcome support to pregnant women who spend a lot of time on their feet during the day. It has been found to be especially helpful to the always busy stay-at-home moms with other children as well to the working women. BellyBra also provides the required additional support when working out or exercising.

What is the cost?

MRP of the BellyBra is Rs. 2960/- inclusive of all Taxes. One can have 10% discount on buying two pieces at a time.

How do I order?

Ask your doctor or get it from our local distributor or retailer. You can also buy on our website through easy cash on delivery option. Please contact us for the local distributor/retailer details if you do not have.

How long for delivery?

It will take 3 to 5 working days for BellyBra to reach you when you buy same on our website.