The BellyBra® is designed & patented by Linda Turner in US.
US Patent: 5094648

It is your maternity belly band and then some!

Well beyond what common maternity support belts provide, the BellyBra® provides all-over maternity support and RELIEF for your breasts, back, abdomen and pelvis. Many women have commented on the "snug and safe" feeling the BellyBra® maternity support belt provides with its gentle, always-there assistance. BellyBra® is to fit snug and comfortable, not tight or binding. The secret is in the back panel. It stretches in one direction, up and down. The non-constrictive, two-inch maternity band lifts weight off the pelvis, distributing weight equally between the shoulders. It makes sense that this helps to relieve backpressure and back pain! With the correct size, the BellyBra® will relieve the simple pains brought on by pregnancy through effective support which also improves pregnancy posture. The BellyBra® is perfect for that uncomfortable third trimester run, and can just as easily take care of business even earlier in your pregnancy, particularly if you are carrying multiples or are a plus-size mom-to-be.

This intelligent, full torso maternity support belt is being recommended and used by medical professionals, physiotherapists & chiropractors across the globe. The BellyBra® has been tested by the prestigious medical journal, The International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and conclusively found to reduce even severe lower back pain with healthier support for baby, too. When compared to other maternity support belts in the study, the BellyBra® maternity support belt was "significantly more effective in reducing the impact of back pain on sleeping, getting up from a sitting position, walking and working. Furthermore, the BellyBra® maternity belt significantly reduced the impact of back pain on all physical activities measured."

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